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5 Most Valuable Hermes Handbags

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

5 Most Valuable Hermes Handbags
What are the most valuable Hermes bags of all time? This is interesting question.
Due to the timeless designs and unmatchable legacy, lets have a look.

1.Hermes Kelly  Bag
Valued approximately $7,600, the Hermes Kelly Bag is the epitome of cuteness and elegance, with its structured silhouette and top-notch material.
2.Hermes Birkin Bag
With its value being up to $13,000 depending on the model. The Birkin comes in four different sizes – 25cm, 30cm, 35cm and the 40cm travel Birkin, as well as in various colors introduced each season.
3.Hermes Constance Bag
 Sold for more than $7,000, the Constance comes in five sizes, with the wider one, namely the most popular, being called the Hermes Constance Elan
4. Hermes Garden Party Bag
as low as $2,625. The Garden Party has hit the mark on quality, functionality, and style ever since it was created back in 1964.
5. Hermes Bolide Bag
Valued circa $6,000, the Hermes Bolide Bag is one of the edgiest Hermes bags, as it appears to be somehow both contemporary and classic. It is also one of the first Hermes bags to be ever designed, as the fashion house began launching its iconic handbags in 1922