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Hermes Bracelets

Monday, October 28, 2019
As well known, Hermes is international admired luxury bags. And actually Hermes specializes  in a number of bracelet styles that convey extravagance in an instant. 

The Medor pyramid studs on your Collier de Chien bracelets are no longer just a decorative element; it’s now expanded into a whole new range of fashion jewellery pieces to call its own. Officially known as the Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelet, the iconic stud essentially forms a precious clasp on the leather strap, one that opens in a similar fashion to the Medor Watch, only this time serving as a clasp mechanism to secure (or release) the bracelet beautifully around your wrist.

One of the most popular incorporations into the Hermes bracelet would be the use of Hermes’ signature leathers. For example, this wonderful Collier de Chien Geranium has been crafted using the extraordinary matt alligator leather. Its distinct pattern adds a layer of luxury and is matched perfectly with a powerful and emotive geranium red. To complete the look, this bracelet is adorned with lavish gold hardware which, when combined with the bracelet’s opulent scarlet hue, sets it apart from any other bracelet. 

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