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Hermes- KELLY handbag

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hermes- KELLY handbag

Now KELLY has become the second popular handbags besides the Brikin in Hermes sales list. As its slender shape and strap design making it easier to carry.

The Kelly bag is a trapezium closed with two straps. Four studs on the bottom, itself made of three layers of leather, enable it to stand on the ground. It is sold in eight sizes, ranging from 15 CM(5.9 inches) to 50 CM (20 inches). The padlock, keys and hardware are made of white or yellow gold. The current model Kelly bag, the Kelly II, comes in two distinct styles, as did its predecessor, the Kelly I. The design style is a rigid construction including a stiffening layer between the outer leather and inner lining, with the side and bottom stitching clearly visible; the design style is a softer construction, wherein the bag is sewn and then turned inside-out, hiding the exterior side stitching. The Kelly II, released in 2000 as an update to the original Kelly, has a double ring at the top handle, designed to attach to a shoulder strap; the originally Kelly, while often sold with a shoulder strap, features a single-ring design.


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The Kelly bag gained its namesake of today from the stunning film star Grace Kelly. During filming of ‘To Catch a Thief’ Hitchcock’s costume designer purchased a number of Hermes accessories. The star fell in love with her new Hermes bag. When in 1956 she held the bag up to protect herself from the flashing paparazzi bulbs that plagued her during her pregnancy to husband Prince Rainer of Monaco.  One image found itself on the cover of Life Magazine. With that the bag was synonymous Grace and it was re-named the Kelly bag.


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