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The history of Hermes---- A history of fashion

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Hermès is the most famous brand of luxury bags in the world began as a harness workshop in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris France. His grandson, Emile-Maurice Hermès was responsible for the successful diversification of the business. In the 1890s, Hermès introduced its first handbag and gradually added watches, clothing, and accessories. The company did not use assembly lines; design and manufacture of all products were done in-house by hand.

Today,we’d like to introduce the Hermes Brikin---The iconic Hermes bag.
The actress Jane Brikin and the Hermes chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas met by chance in 1981. While getting ready to depart on an airplane, Jane was trying fit all of her carry-on items in the overhead compartment. She was carrying a straw bag that couldn't hold onto her belongings properly, and everything came down crashing onto her. Jane began to rant about how nicer bags were never big enough to carry belongings, and Mr. Dumas was suddenly inspired with a new idea. Dumas figured that Jane wasn't the only woman to encounter this problem, and he saw an opportunity to create something unique, fashionable and practical. 
 Jane is the namesake of the bag, and carried plenty of them during her life. She has recently auctioned off her namesake bags for charity, but they served her well and gave her a better sense of convenience while traveling and carrying belongings. Now Hermes Birkin bags are fawned over by millions of women all over the world, and they have become an undeniable symbol of wealth and luxury. 

Color Tips when selecting Hermes Handbags:
Fairly take the general wear and tear, scratches, leather and skin condition and other factors into consideration. And make the bags to match your fashion style perfectly.
Usually ,customer will take care of the safe color to match their wardrobe such as black,beige,gold, or brown. But hermes handbag with wide range of colors available, the black and brown Birkin may be convenient for your wardrobe, however, a bright color or red one will stand out more and is less likely to found everywhere.
There are various range of color available in and customer could get the best choice fit them.